Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013


Hi all of you,
wanna let you know that I had yesterday a great recording session at the "realistic sound" with Florian Oestreich on the "buttons" for my new CD
This time with Adriano Prestel  voc., JJJ on the drums Simon Seidl on the
Piano, Florian Trübsbacher on the reeds  and myself on Bass. We record three of my tunes: Look up for you , a song that I wrote some years ago for I great love,  Joyfully a gospel tip of thing that celebrates joy of being a musician and Trying out a song that describes those very first moments of loving somebody. as you can see lots of love involved… no lies…
I also recorded 5 more of my compositions in the beginning march in S. Paulo with:
Djalma Lima on the guitar, Leo Montana on the piano, Junior Galante on the trumpet, Lelo Izar on the drums, Wanja Slavin on the alt sax and Paulo Malheiros on the Bone. Those were for me unforgettable moments! Those guys treat me with so much soul, respect, a professional attitude that included so much dedication to my music as I have never had it before! Got no words to express my gratitude but saying thanks,thanks and many more thanks to all of you again! The tunes we recorded: a three parts small suite that includes Grey Dreams, Wee Hours and And Now.So, I got to go back to the mixing session and I will let you know more about the other tunes on my next comment.
Hope you dig it  and if you want, just post a comment.

Talk to you soon

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