Montag, 1. Juli 2013



Born in São Paulo, Brasil, I started to play music at the age of 6. Always fascinated by the sound of string instruments, I played the cello for some years. At the age of 14 I switched to double bass, aiming to become a symphony orchestra player. In 1974, I went to Germany to further my classical studies. I started to work as a Jazz musician in 1978. During the course of my career I had the opportunity to work with such great musicians as Art Farmer, Mal Waldron, Archie Shepp, Kitty Margolis, Etta Cameron, Airto Moreira, Karl Ratzer, Trummy Young, and many others, touring and recording with them in Central Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, South America and New York. I am a teacher for double bass and ensemble at the Jazz Institut of the HOCHSCHULE für MUSIK und THEATER München/U.M.P.A.
Naturally, I always like to come back to my musical roots, Brazilian Music. I am working right now on my new CD, which is planned to be released in December 2013. It was recorded in March 2013 in São Paulo with wonderful musicians : Djalma Lima,Lelo Izar, Junior Galante, Paulo Malheiros,Wanja Slavin, Leo Montana.